Kathryn Marriott

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula & Placenta Specialist

Kathryn’s Bio

Kathryn truly believes that doula work is her life calling and she has dedicated the past 5+ years as a doula empowering women as they welcome their babies into the world. There is nothing more satisfying to Kathryn than meeting with a mother, hearing her dreams, helping her to plan her goals and then watching her achieve them. It’s inspiring, rewarding, and never gets old! A family deserves to feel fully supported as they welcome their new child into the world, whether it’s their first or their fifth baby. It’s an honor for Kathryn to support the mothers, the fathers and the siblings (fuzzy ones too!) as everyone adjusts to the needs of the newest member. Kathryn brings with her years of experience supporting a wide variety of births both in and out of hospitals and is always seeking opportunities to further her knowledge in all things pregnancy and birth. Her family recently moved to PBC after spending 13 years living in Northern Maryland. Kathryn, along with her husband and two boys are finding their footing here and genuinely appreciating all that comes with the beach life.