Jodi Falconer

Certified Newborn Care Specialist

Jodi’s Bio:

Being a Newborn Care Specialist gives Jodi the opportunity to help new and returning parents transition back into ‘their’ new normal.  Jodi has 11+ years experience working with infants and families.  She is highly knowledgeable with sleep training, multiples, preemies, postpartum recovery, lactation, sleep training, & all aspects of newborn care.  Jodi understands how precious these first few days, weeks and months are, and knows how not being able enjoy each moment is very possible due to lack of sleep and other delicate factors. Jodi truly loves being given the incredible opportunity of assisting in this process with new families.  Jodi believes educating parents on the necessary practices to care for their newborn and feel comfortable is also an important aspect of her job.