Amber Nagele

Certified Lactation Counselor, Board Certified Speech & Language Pathologist and Feeding Therapist

Amber’s Bio:

Amber’s strong passion for helping little ones is what influenced her to pursue a career as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. She has spent the past 12+ years working in the public schools, local hospitals, private clinics, and currently in children’s natural environment. Following the birth of her son, she felt a strong calling to pursue becoming a certified Lactation Counselor to help moms and babies meet their own personal breastfeeding goals. Amber’s goal is to help moms whose goal is to breastfeed their babies to have the best possible experience they can by overcoming common obstacles many moms face in the early weeks postpartum. She also desires to educate moms during pregnancy and leads our monthly breastfeeding support group. In Amber’s free time, you can find her spending lots of time with her husband & 2 sons, making non toxic personal care/cleaning products, or enjoying local restaurants with family and friends.