Postpartum Doula Support

One Time Postpartum Consultation

This 2 hour visit consists of extra help with breastfeeding, proper latching and positions, discussing questions & concerns, swaddling, baby wearing help, processing through your birth experience, or simply loving on your new little one(s) so you can enjoy a hot shower or nap. Whatever support & assistance you need most!

A La Carte Postpartum Care

Hourly Postpartum Care is an excellent option when you are in need of extra specialized support and help. We customize our postpartum care to the specific needs of your family. Postpartum support can include helping with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, newborn care and education, easing family adjustments, errands, meal prep, and specifically dedicated to mothering the mother.  We are always happy to create a customized package uniquely for you and your family.

Sweet Dreams Support Package

For 3 nights a week your doula will arrive at your home at 10pm and stay with you until 6am. She is there to help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and tending to your newborn’s nighttime needs; all while encouraging you to get some much needed rest.

Transitioning Into Parenthood Package

This package includes 12 hours of postpartum doula care divided into three 4 hour shifts in the first few days of bringing your newborn(s) home. Find comfort in knowing you have an expert there to answer questions and help you navigate through getting settled.

Extra Supported Parents Package

This package includes 18 hours of postpartum doula care divided into six 3 hour shifts to be used as desired after bringing your newborn(s) home. You may choose to use them all in the initial first week or spread them out over a few weeks.

First Outing Support Package

Taking your newborn(s) out in public in the early days can be a lengthy process and often very overwhelming. Find peace & reassurance in knowing you don’t have to attempt it alone. We are here to help, whether it’s for an appointment, grocery shopping, errands, or a playdate with an older sibling. Prior to your planned outing, we will arrive at your home & help assure that the diaper bag is packed and that you along with your little one(s) are ready to go. We can be as hands or hands off as you’d like; offering tips and suggestions for feedings in public, transitioning baby in and out of the car, & baby wearing; all while providing continual encouragement and the experience not only of a doula, but of a mom who has been there before too.