Birth Doula Support

Basic Birth Package

A doula is an important part of your birth team as their focus is on supporting & partnering with YOU throughout this journey.  Doulas are for any woman who desires to be informed, supported, validated, & encouraged as she births her baby her way.  There is an overwhelming amount of information available, that at times can cause the birth process to seem more confusing.  We are committed to helping you navigate through this information as you seek to make the best decisions you can for your family.

All of our Birth Packages provide continuous labor & birth doula support.  After you give birth, we typically stay 1-1.5 hours to provide immediate postpartum support, assist with breastfeeding (if desired), and make sure you’re settled.  We are on call 24/7 and available to you from the time of contract signing until your baby’s born.  We always have a reliable backup doula in place, in the small chance your contracted doula is unavailable. 

We happily offer a discounted rate on our “Basic Birth Support Package” for families in full time ministry.